At this time of year, we can feel the energy of endings and beginnings everywhere: grade promotions, graduations, weddings... Change is the constant.
There are three ways we can travel through life: reacting, creating and co-creating. Reacting takes place when we don't have a plan- usually because we believe we CAN'T have a plan, that we must accept and be grateful for whatever comes our way. Gratitude is a wonderful energy, however we can create whatever we wish to be grateful for!
Creating is certainly better than reacting. We are taking control! We know what we want and will go out and get it! But it's exhausting, and sometimes hard, depending our what our egos believe about hard work. The ego wants to believe it is doing everything, and then you are limited, truly, to what your ego can create.
Co-creating means that we are setting an intention, and then taking the right action to accomplish it, but we are not deciding how it gets done, and we are open to miracles and all manner of magical coincidences. If we believe it is hard to find a job, the universe hears our "prayer" and answers it by making a job hard to find. (It wants us to be right!) If we believe that it takes hard work to make money, then we will work hard for our money.
If we believe we can create any opportunity, we will create a job for ourselves.
Setting intentions brings us into focus. It tells our unconscious mind what to look for and attract. By setting the intention to find just the right job after graduation, we will trust that our unconscious mind will pick up on the clues the universe is placing before us. We'll get hunches, and IF WE FOLLOW THROUGH, we will be rewarded. We set intentions without expectations because we certainly cannot know all the possibilities the universe has up its sleeve. We know what we want, but not how we will get it. You say, I want the perfect job that emphasizes my strengths and talents, and pays me the most I can make in that position. Then, if you do not get the first job, you know that was not the one that would fulfill your intention- it's not for your Highest Good. And in the process, you TRUST that everything is exactly as it should be, and you don't REACT out of fear.
Go forth and CREATE your new lives with intention! Even better, get the universe's help: CO-CREATE!