Love is the highest vibration there is. EVERYTHING, even our beloved tech works because of vibrations. Electricity is vibration! Hearing, with our pretty little ordinary ears, is based on vibration. Vision is also a complex bunch of reactions to the vibrations of light waves.
We can FEEL the vibration of love. When we feel love, we feel it in our chests. When we think of something we do not like, or we are experiencing something negative, we feel it in our stomachs.
When we keep the vibration high in our lives, with positive thoughts, meditation, peaceful actions and activities, this love gets bigger and vibrates faster. As this happens, things that are of a higher vibration come into your life. Vibrations seek the dominant vibration. Here's an example: If you're having a bad day, it's because one lower vibrational thing happened early in the day, which probably made you think, "Oh, boy, this is going to be a bad day." That lowered vibration probably attracted something else, and pretty soon you have domino-effected your way right into a whole bad day.
What could have happened instead, is that when that first "bad" thing happened, you rallied, raised the vibe, and said, "Oh, well. One bad thing does not a bad day make."
Focus on gratitude. THAT is the vibration of love. Notice, this Week of Love, all that points to the love everywhere around you, just waiting for you to latch onto its vibe. Blessings!