As I reflect upon my spiritual path, I realize that each moment I must be aware of my actions and how I present myself to others. By presenting myself to others I mean that I must make sure that my ego is in check. Over the years there have been countless times I’ve interacted with others through my own grandiosity or overinflated ego not realizing how insincere I came across. It wasn’t until I encountered others who unknowingly mirrored some of those same behaviors that I began to make conscious choices to be more mindful and discerning of my ego. Part of being human is for us to recognize our shortcomings and fine tune them. I thought it might be appropriate to ask Channel about ego. Consequently, Channel offered the following message:

Dear one, understand that ego directs you on your path. It is full of thoughts, ideas and agendas for that which you wish to pursue. Ego maintains its presence in order to sort through what is necessary to make choices in life. Ego encourages pride, attention, adoration and other self-serving characteristics to enhance one’s own view of oneself. Ego holds importance upon itself above all others.

No matter what you may set your sights upon in the physical realm, the ego guides you, directs your path, and controls that which you wish to obtain. Yet know, dear one, that setting aside ego and delving into your heart brings your true self to the surface – for that is what makes you feel human.

Acknowledge your humanness through humbleness of heart. For humbleness of heart lies deep within thine own self. Reach deeply within and connect with thine inner self that knows no boundaries in the vastness of the universe.

The vastness of the universe offers you the freedom to embrace another or others for each belong to the All — each an expression of the All — without ego — merely one expression relating to another expression filled with Love and Light. Many blessings to you for now and forevermore . . .