Who hasn’t asked themselves life’s deepest questions: Why am I here? What is the purpose for my life? Do I really matter? Is there a God? Where is God when I am in despair?

And who hasn’t walked a few days in the dessert with answers like: I am not good enough. I don’t measure up. Things seem to be so easy for others. I keep making the same mistakes. I hope no one notices that I do not know the answers as to who I am.

We doubt ourselves.

No wonder we doubt that God exists, or God is good or God knows each person.

Spiritual doubts are so wrapped up in how we feel about ourselves that perceiving God as compassionate may be beyond reach. Yet by doubting God’s nature, image, purpose we can see how we perceive ourselves. By struggling to find our place with God we face our negative self-talk. Our most destructive thoughts can be changed to self-affirming thoughts. There is hope. The road is not steady. It takes time and work but God has patience.

Doubting ourselves makes doubting God easier. Believing in ourselves makes God more believable. Doubt is a spiritual gift. We can use it to heal ourselves and get to a point when we are open to feel God’s nudging in our lives and then we can notices our reactions.

Life’s deepest questions then begin having the most profound answers.