We're all tired of hearing about it, talking about it, living it: Chicago, and a good part of the country's weather this winter. Yet if we know a little bit of real info, we will experience less suffering. And here it is…
This winter has all the ingredients of life in a far away region where people don't even live any more due to modernization. The people who lived with these temperatures, wind chills, frequency and depth of snow, limited amount of light we have experienced in the last 8 weeks- those people slept 17-19 hours a day. They semi-hibernated for 6-7 weeks of their year to conserve energy, and because it was just too difficult to fight the elements. And yet we think we should be keeping the same schedules, should be fighting cabin fever, getting out more, exercising!
Our bodies are depleted. It takes about twelve 8 oz. glasses of water to replace what is taken from our bodies just transitioning from frigid, bitter wind-chilled air to heavily processed heated indoor air! We are constantly dehydrated, which creates foggy thinking, lethargy, melancholy. We need to conserve energy! Our lazy sad carb-craving bodies know that we are in survival mode. Just realizing that, honoring what our bodies are telling us, makes us feel so much better! No more mentally beating ourselves up, saying What is WRONG with you? We're slipping down a dark hole!
NO. You are perfectly fine, just really genuinely struggling because of the weather! And don't even get me started on the weird thermal radiation somethings that are happening 4 feet above the ice pack because the atmosphere can't interact with the earth's surface. It takes the air out of tires; what's it doing to your body??
Ask Brant Miller. I gratefully give up until Spring peaks it's beautiful face into my view!