Clutter can be a very sneaky thing. It worms its way into our lives with material possessions, and "mind muddle". Physical clutter can, in fact, affect your mood and stress level....all in a negative way. All that STUFF clogging up your free flowing, healthy thoughts and lifestyle can really drain your energy. As possessions in your life pile up, it can turn into actual emotional chaos. Most of us can probably admit that so much of what we own has no real use and is, ultimately, unnecessary.

Although it's not necessary to pair down to an absolute minimalist lifestyle, how do you suppose you would feel if that pile of papers on your kitchen counter was cleaned off? Can you enlist the help of family members to fold all of their own laundry and put it away where it belongs? Clutter over stimulates the brain due to extreme visual activation and, in turn, the mind can end up feeling just plain "messy". People, then, tend to worry about the excess of things they need to take care, work on and get done. This entire feeling can easily escalate as clutter builds up, causing loads of stress.

It might feel overwhelming to begin organizing and disposing of items, but the key is to START. Start in one place in one room and work on it a small amount each day. Let's say you begin with tackling just the top of your desk for 15-minutes tomorrow. Set a timer and when the time is up, stop. Whatever you get done is perfectly fine because you took the initiative to begin and complete the task. Work your way through your office, your kitchen the garage in time segments just like this and in time you will feel more and more relief, accomplishment and relaxation. What a wonderful way to calm the mind and ease your tension level.

There are any number of resources on-line to help you learn more about decluttering. Most suggest a "keep" pile, a "donate" pile, and a "throw away" pile. If you are unsure about particular items, add it to the "I will make this decision tomorrow" pile, and follow through. Sometimes, for posterity sake, the best option is to take a photo of it and you will still have your wonderful memories for life.

It's amazing how 15-minutes a day can really get you back on track to a clean environment and mind-set!