What's the power in Social Marketing anyway?

There's been an interesting shift that has crystallized in the last few years. The customer, because they can generate their own media and can reach huge audiences, is now in charge. Our market place has shifted from that of a seller's market to one in which the buyer is making all the rules.

Social media is now more than just an on-line presence. It's real-time, up-to-date, honest thoughts, feelings and opinions of those we serve. It is also a place for businesses to share who they are and what they offer. It includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram and Yelp in which anyone can host a page for free to share and comment on any topic they'd like. It's an interesting rift on "community" with technology as the meeting place. It's also a critical way to reach a much larger audience of people that, without this technology, would not be possible.

These online forums provide a way for people to connect with like-minded others, make new contacts, take collective action and share opinions. All these functions have a powerful impact on business. Good feedback and reviews on a site can determine the success and rapid dissemination of a product or service. It's marketing with meaning at it's finest.

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The Chicago Healers Team