Success is something most of us crave. No matter what we've previously achieved, many of us are aiming to learn more, grow more and open to the unlimited abundance that surrounds us. At any point in our business, we have an exciting opening for opportunities and inspiration to create conscious growth in our business.

As we've touched on in previous issues, there are important steps we can follow that allow us to clearly outline what we want and how to achieve our heartfelt desires.

Set aside a bit a time in your schedule to consider the following ideas:

Remember who you are; think of who you might be.
This is so important. Ask yourself this, "To have the success I want, what do I need to do internally, and how do I need to grow, change and adopt new habits in order to create my imagined success?" Answer this from a truthful place, then begin to realize the internal shifts that will prime you for everything you and your business are meant to achieve.

Write it down.
When you know where you want to be and who you need to be to facilitate that growth, it's time to sit down and write it out. (In previous issues, we've discussed the steps for "Setting the Strategic Stage" and how to "Go for the Goal" which offer tips for this process.) By putting your thoughts and dreams on paper, you'll be able to organize all the ideas clamoring in your head to help you make them meaningfully productive. Things have an uncanny way of becoming real when you write them down.

Get going!
Remember that as you take steps towards becoming, you become. Action is one of the most important parts of attracting what you desire. Intention is often set first but then must be followed with an animating force we call action. With each step you take towards your goals, the path becomes clearer and previously unseen opportunities present themselves.

While the idea of "beginning again" can be a cliché, the fact of the matter is that it can also be a powerful motivator. As always, we wish you grand imagination and thoughtfully crafted plans to bring you all the prosperity and abundance that is yours to receive.

Be well,
The Chicago Healers Team