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Resistance can be a beneficial thing when it comes to exercising with weights or standing up for yourself or someone else when it relates to bullying or outright injustice. But what happens when we resist chronic pain? By all rights, chronic pain can feel like a true violation against the way we want to live, but the pain itself is telling us something. By taking time to listen to our bodies, offering acceptance and creating support instead of fighting it, we may uncover some relief.

Because chronic pain can cause serious frustration and even anger, first know that your body does not want to be in pain. These messages of pain are being sent for a reason. In fact, your body actually wants to heal! So by believing this, the first layer of resistance is removed.

Acceptance of "what is" can create a nice space in which to offer yourself healing through love. Instead of shaming yourself or blaming your body, breathing exercises offering admission and allowance of the messages you receive can help calm and soothe.

Finally, take time to uncover what support your body needs. Consuming healthy, nourishing foods and supplements are one way in which you can help address the pain. The better you fuel and treat your body, the more it can begin to strengthen and heal. Also, do you reach out for help when needed? Surrounding yourself with caring folks who are more than happy to assist can take a big burden off of your shoulders, so to speak. Find little ways to be happy. Does a small, physical stretch, however you are able, feel good? Wonderful! Make a habit of it. If a certain type of moment aggravates your body, skip it for sure, but choose the ones that actually provide healing energy.

A support system in all ways, beginning with the mental messages you send yourself can have a large impact on your chronic pain. Your protocol may involve a support group or just a good laugh with a friend, so whatever you choose on any particular day should be filled with love for yourself. Having a smorgasbord board of options for pain management is key, as it's not a one-size fits all approach. Breathe in life, one moment at a time.